Contact Us

Climate Action Lewisham came together in late 2018, this website was launched in May 2019, and we are growing all the time. We hope that many more Lewisham residents will  join us, and make use of the resources on this website.

There are numerous ways to keep in touch with us and find out more about local, national and international climate change related activities and campaigns.

We have a Facebook group: search for ‘Climate Action Lewisham’. This includes information about our meet ups and publicises other events.

Our email address is climateactionlewisham[AT] You can sign up to our Newsletter, or just let us know about anything interesting!

We also plan to launch Twitter and other social media accounts shortly.

You can also help us to spread the word about our group and this website by downloading, printing and distributing our ‘Contact Us flyer’ via the link below. It is designed to print on an A4 sheet and be cut into 4 slips, each of which has our contact details on. Thanks! 

Climate Action Lewisham QR Handout x 4