Some Facts about Climate Change


  • Human activity has warmed the planet by 1.1°C in the last 200 years. Most of the warming has occurred in the past 35 years.
  • As the planet warms we are seeing more extreme weather events such as heatwaves, droughts, massive storms, and floods
  • More droughts and floods means that crops fail much more often, leading to food insecurity
  • The sea level is rising caused primarily by the added water from melting ice sheets and glaciers, and the expansion of seawater as it warms
  • 50% of the planet’s topsoil has been lost in the last 150 years, leading to more pollution, flooding and deserts. More than 95% of what we eat comes from soil
  • Wild animals now make up just 4% of the Earth animal biomass: 96% is human beings and their agricultural animals
  • Species are going extinct 1,000 times faster than normal
  • Flying insects numbers have declined by 76%; many human food crops are dependent on insects for successful pollination
  • Carbon dioxide from fossil fuels is making sea-water more acidic, endangering many marine species

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